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The Pu conveyor belt includes: 0.8pu/1.0pu/1.5pu/2.0pu/3.0pu/1.8pu white drill / more: 2.0pvc oil resistant white / 3.0pvc oil resistant white / 4.0pvc oil resistant white / Teflon / silica gel, etc;

Strong customization ability, oil / acid / alkali / temperature / cold resistance and other characteristics of independent production; provide skirt / baffle / guide strip / steel buckle / white glue / drilling / turning and other small conveyor belt processing

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1. Conveyor belt
Third party authoritative testing, in line with FDA food hygiene certification, quality assurance

FDA food certification

Three no products

Other conveyor belts
Three no products small factory production, quality shoddy, does not meet the food grade, no test report
2、Conveyor belt
The imported equipment has flat hot-melt joint, precise tooth shape, high interface strength and uniform belt thickness.

The joint is firm

Defective joint

Other conveyor belts
The interface is not beautiful, defective, uneven, easy to break, joint thickness is different, affect long-term use.
3、Conveyor belt
Machine cutting, belt edge neat, not easy to deviate, accurate measurement, perfect packaging, ensure the integrity of transportation.

Trim edge flush

Edge wool

Other conveyor belts
Rough edge, deviation, uneven cutting edge, bell mouth, large size error, easy corrosion, affect the user experience
4、Conveyor belt
Selected food grade material, dirt resistant and wear-resistant, self-developed production, special formula, anti mildew and anti-corrosion

Beautiful appearance

Foreign matter on the surface

Other conveyor belts
Discoloration, yellowing, mildew, cracking, easy to dirty, not easy to clean, easy to corrosion, deterioration.

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