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Shanghai Jingbang Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd

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Shanghai Seibang Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sales of various kinds of lightweight conveyor belt products and automated transmission and packaging equipment solutions. It is also the domestic professional, matching strong technology enterprise. Currently has many years engaged in development, design, production, installation and after-sales service and other kinds of professional personnel, after more than 20 years of development and innovation, in the field of industrial belt and industry have achieved excellent results, so that the enterprise in the user has been widely praised. In 2015 and 2019, it was rated as Shanghai Technology Enterprise for two consecutive years.

At present, the company owns more than 30 independent intellectual property rights, and has served more than 3000 enterprises over the years, becoming a high-quality supplier behind the global Top 500. The main customers we have served include CofCO Group, China Oil Anti-corrosion, China Yuan International Customer, State Grid, West Airport, Country Garden, General Mills, etc. The customer satisfaction is as high as 95%, and the company has become a well-known enterprise in the field of industrial belt. The company has passed the IS09001 quality assurance system certification, among which the food-grade conveyor belt has passed the test and conforms to FDA related food-grade standards. At present, it has been widely used in steel, ceramics, glass, automobile, airport, electronics, textile, wood industry, building materials, food, beverage, papermaking, stone, logistics, agricultural manufacturing and many other industries.

The company mainly produces and sells all kinds of PVC, PU, PE conveyor belt; And all kinds of Flexbeling industrial conveyor belt, cutting belt, low temperature conveyor belt, skirt baffle belt PU round belt, FLEXBELTING synchronous belt, high temperature resistant mesh belt, Teflon mesh belt, coiling machine belt, high temperature resistant felt belt, polyester mesh belt, prepress belt, printing guide belt, silicone belt, plastic chain plate, etc. Alligator belt buckle and steel buckle machine imported from America (FLEXC0, Cl1ipper, Alligator).

The company also provides 24 hours after-sales service, and the introduction of American Novitool belt processing equipment and technology, to customer needs as their own responsibility, whether in the pre-sale, sale, or after-sales link, our professional sales team, research and development team, manufacturing team and after-sales service team, etc. We always adhere to the principle of trying our best to meet customer needs, and try our best to provide high quality and efficient service for every customer. Our service principle is to help customers realize and protect their interests as much as possible.

Seihin attaches importance to reputation and focuses on the future. Adhering to the production and operation service tenet of "quality first, reputation and high quality" and the enterprise spirit of "cherish and innovation", Seihin provides comprehensive logistics support for planning, designing, installing and maintaining the transmission system you require with perfect service, innovative thinking, excellent management, and high-quality transmission products and technologies.

You are welcome to transport system and other mechanical and electrical equipment with us to discuss, at any time to call letter consultation. We will work with domestic and foreign households hand in hand, common growth. Welcome leaders at all levels and colleagues from all walks of life to patronize guidance!