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FLEX BELTING Polyurethane sync belt

Flexbelting-Open band:The standard roll is 100 meters long and can be cut to any size according to the user's needs.

Flxbelting-Connection tape:Connection type synchronous belt is a series of circular synchronous belt connected by open tape. Any length can be connected according to different tooth number requirements. Depending on the application of synchronous delivery, the Jambo belt can be glued to the back of a variety of special materials.

Flexbelting-Ring shadow seamless band:The high strength Flexbelting ring belt can be fitted to any length of seamless ring belt from 1.5 m to 50 m.

Special structure:

● High toughness core(HFE) ● High performance core(HPL)

● Stainless steel core(INOX) ● Fiber core(Aramid)


——Special color

——Add all kinds of resin and rubber and other materials on the back

Physical characteristics:

● Not easy to deform ● High wear resistance

● The impact of device load is small

● Maintenance-free

● High transmission accuracy with straight line and Angle deviation

● High efficiency

Chemical property:

● Non-hydrolytic ● Not affected by the odor

● Uv resistance ● Not easy to age

● Resistance to oil, grease and lubricant ● Strong acid resistance

● Silicon-free material

● Working density30℃-80℃(instant110℃)