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Seamless double-sided tooth synchronous belt

Seamless double-sided tooth synchronous belt

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Advantages of polyurethane synchronous belt

1. High precision transmission: polyurethane synchronous belt adopts multi-tooth synchronous device, which can provide accurate transmission without sliding or slipping phenomenon, so that the transmission is more stable.

2. Low noise transmission: polyurethane synchronous belt has excellent shock absorption performance and noise reduction effect, which is incomparable to the traditional winding transmission scheme.

3. Durability and wear resistance: Due to the excellent performance of polyurethane material, polyurethane synchronous belt not only has strong tensile strength, but also has wear resistance, and will not easily be damaged in long-term use.

4. Chemical stability: polyurethane synchronous belt has chemical stability, can withstand the corrosion of conventional grease, solvents and chemical substances, will not be broken, deformation and other phenomena due to the action of various chemical substances.

5. Easy maintenance: polyurethane synchronous belt installation and adjustment is relatively simple, easy maintenance, long service life.