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Double guide synchronous belt

Double guide synchronous belt

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Clean and non-lubricating scenario: Polyurethane synchronous belts do not require lubrication, so they can avoid lubricating oil pollution to the machine. Therefore, they are suitable for some scenarios that need to be kept clean, such as medical equipment and food processing machinery.

High precision transmission scenario: polyurethane synchronous belt has the characteristics of high precision and good stability, suitable for scenarios requiring high precision transmission, such as optical fiber communication equipment, machine tools, CNC machine tools, etc.

Scenarios with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance: polyurethane synchronous belt materials have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for some scenarios that need to be used for a long time and are vulnerable to wear or corrosion, such as mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, chemical equipment, etc.

Polyurethane synchronous belt has good mechanical properties and durability, and has different applications in different scenarios. The rational use of polyurethane synchronous belt can improve the operation efficiency and stability of mechanical equipment, reduce the failure rate and maintenance cost.