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Double-sided synchronization belt

Double-sided synchronization belt

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Characteristics of polyurethane synchronous belt

Wear resistance

Polyurethane synchronous belt is made of special polyurethane material, with very high wear resistance, so that it is not easy to wear and deformation at high speed operation, at the same time, its service life is longer than the traditional rubber synchronous belt.

Tensile strength

The polyurethane synchronous belt is made of reinforced materials, which greatly improves its tensile strength and bending resistance, so that it still maintains stable transmission characteristics when working under large loads.

Oil resistance

Polyurethane synchrobelts are coated with a special material that effectively resists oil and other lubricating fluids to maintain their excellent performance.

Transmission stability

Polyurethane synchronous belt adopts synchronous tooth design, matching with the traditional belt wheel, can keep the relative position unchanged, so that its transmission stability has been a greater degree of guarantee.

Safe and reliable

The strength of polyurethane synchronous belt is high, and there will be no slip phenomenon when working, so it can maintain the safe and reliable transmission effect under high speed and heavy load work, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.