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Synchronous belt plus block

Synchronous belt plus block

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Mechanism of polyurethane synchronous belt

The mechanism of polyurethane synchronous belt is to realize the transmission between shafts through the coordination between the synchronous teeth and the belt teeth of the pulley. During transmission, the belt wheel drives the polyurethane synchronous belt, and the synchronous belt teeth mesh with the belt gear teeth to transfer power through friction, so as to realize the transmission between the shafts.

The tooth shape design of polyurethane synchronous belt directly affects the stability and reliability of transmission. When the tooth shape design of synchronous belt is not reasonable or the size is not accurate, it will lead to bad meshing between the belt teeth and the belt gear teeth or intermittent tooth skipping, resulting in transmission failure or equipment damage. Therefore, suitable tooth shape design and size parameters should be selected according to specific working conditions to ensure the reliability and safety of transmission when selecting polyurethane synchronous belt.

In short, polyurethane synchronous belt has excellent wear resistance, oil resistance and transmission stability characteristics, its mechanism is mainly through the belt pulley synchronous tooth and tooth coordination to achieve the transmission between the shaft. When selecting and using polyurethane synchronous belt, attention should be paid to the tooth shape design and size parameter selection to ensure its reliability and safety.