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Double sided special toothed synchronous belt

Double sided special toothed synchronous belt

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Polyurethane synchronous belt is widely used in many transmission modes because of its wear resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and long service life. The correct installation method is to ensure the normal operation and use of polyurethane synchronous belt premise, the following will introduce some polyurethane synchronous belt installation precautions for you.

1. Select the correct synchronization belt and hub

The matching between the belt and the wheel hub is the key to the normal operation of the polyurethane belt. In the selection of synchronous belt and hub, should be based on the working environment temperature, speed, torque and transmission ratio and other factors to choose the appropriate product.

2. Check the wheel hub before installation

Before installing the polyurethane synchronization belt, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the hub is damaged or damaged, to ensure that the hub will not beat out or wear the synchronization belt during use because of poor processing and other reasons.

3. Install the hub correctly

The following conditions must be met to properly install the hub:

(1) Install the hub on the corresponding shaft to ensure that the hub is concentric with the shaft;

(2) The clearance between hub and shaft should be less than 0.015mm;

(3) When pressing the hub into the shaft, the hub should be locked to avoid moving the hub in the process of use;

(4) When selecting the keyway for pressure transfer, the key way of high quality and appropriate size should be selected.