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XSL-T-1500-B mesh tape chain

XSL-T-1500-B mesh tape chain

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  • Release time:2023-02-16 13:55:55
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Net belt chain in the process of use, the degree of wear, deformation and so on will gradually increase, so whether long-term use can maintain stability is one of the user's common concerns. According to experience, the service life of the mesh belt chain is closely related to its quality, use environment, maintenance and other factors, and the correct use and maintenance measures help to improve its service life.

To solve the problem of whether long-term use can be stable, the following measures are recommended:

1. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether there is wear and deformation of the mesh belt chain, and replace the parts in time to avoid failure.

2. Correct installation: Ensure that the network belt chain is installed correctly to avoid the durability reduction caused by improper installation.

3. Use environment: keep the use environment clean and dry, reduce the corrosion of the net belt chain, improve its durability.

4. Maintenance: regular maintenance of the network belt chain, timely replacement of lubricating oil, dust cleaning, to avoid wear, deformation and other problems.

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