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XSL-T-1400-B mesh tape chain

XSL-T-1400-B mesh tape chain

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  • Release time:2023-02-16 13:55:55
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Net belt chain is an important transmission equipment, widely used in all walks of life. Its wear resistance and durability are important factors for users to choose. This paper will introduce the wear resistance and durability from two aspects, as well as the long-term use can maintain stability of the relevant issues.

Mesh belt chain is a kind of transmission equipment, in the use of the heavy load of material transmission, so its wear resistance is very important. Generally speaking, the wear-resisting properties of the mesh belt chain are closely related to the hardness and strength of its materials. In practical applications, the mesh belt chain is usually made of wear-resistant alloy steel or stainless steel materials, these materials have high hardness, excellent tensile strength, torsional strength and other properties, can effectively reduce the wear rate, extend the service life of the mesh belt chain.

In addition, in the process of using the mesh belt chain, the correct maintenance can also effectively improve its wear resistance. Specific maintenance measures include: regularly check whether there are cracks, deformation and other abnormal conditions of the mesh belt chain; Regularly clean the oil, dust and other dirt on the surface of the mesh belt chain to avoid increased wear; Regular lubrication of chain bearing and other parts to reduce friction loss.

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