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XSL-820 single dumpling direct transport chain

XSL-820 single dumpling direct transport chain

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  • Release time:2023-02-24 08:41:30
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With the advent of the information age, a large number of business models appear in the society. One of the increasingly popular business models is the direct delivery chain. The so-called direct delivery chain, is not through the middleman, directly let the manufacturer send the product to the customer. The core advantage of direct transport chain lies in direct management and direct control of the product circulation process, which makes the whole circulation link more simple and effectively improves the competitiveness of enterprises. And how to achieve fine management is the key to the development of direct transport chain.

Through the establishment of logistics management system to achieve fine management

Enterprises to achieve fine management, the first need to carry out a comprehensive and in-depth planning and design, the establishment of logistics management system. The goal of establishing a logistics management system is to ensure the overall supervision and control of the logistics management process and establish a reliable supply chain network. The key to this task is to develop a set of rules and regulations in line with the actual situation of the company, the establishment of standardized, database, networked, intelligent, real-time logistics management system. Through the fine management of warehousing, sorting, packaging, shipping, distribution and other links, improve the distribution efficiency, reduce the distribution cost, so that the products can reach the hands of users faster, so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.