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3.6mm white polyester dry mesh

3.6mm white polyester dry mesh

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  • Release time:2023-02-24 09:07:24
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Building thermal insulation material - polyester mesh belt in the production of thermal insulation materials, as the base cloth of thermal insulation materials, can effectively increase the strength and toughness of thermal insulation materials, and can prevent thermal insulation materials in the process of processing, transportation and use of fracture, deformation, etc.

Waterproof material - polyester mesh belt in waterproof material, as a waterproof material enhancement material, can enhance the tensile strength and wear resistance of waterproof material, at the same time can improve the service life of waterproof material.

Mortar reinforcement - polyester mesh belt as mortar reinforcement material, can improve the mortar tensile strength, toughness and durability. In construction, polyester mesh bands are often used to strengthen the cracking resistance of mortar.

Wall insulation - In the wall insulation material, polyester mesh tape can be used as a strengthening layer of insulation material, which can ensure the stability and service life of the insulation material.

Bridge reinforcement - In Bridges, polyester mesh strips can be used as an alternative to steel reinforcement, which can effectively reduce the weight of the bridge itself and improve the durability and service life of the bridge.

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