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0.9mm White Teflon Flat band

0.9mm White Teflon Flat band

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Teflon mesh belt is a kind of high temperature and pressure resistant material, often used in industrial production for filtration, transmission and protection. There are several issues to be aware of when using Teflon mesh belt:

Temperature limit: The upper use temperature of Teflon mesh belt is 260℃, exceeding this temperature will reduce its performance, may lead to deformation, cracking and other problems. Therefore, in the use of Teflon mesh belt need to be careful not to exceed its upper limit of use temperature.

Chemical restrictions: Teflon mesh can withstand many chemicals, but some acidic and alkaline substances can corrode it, causing damage and weakening performance. In the use process, to avoid contact with these chemicals, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated hydrofluoric acid, etc.

Maintenance: After Teflon mesh belt is used for a period of time, there may be oil, dust, impurities and other attachments, affecting its transmission effect and voltage performance. Therefore, regular maintenance should be carried out, the use of 90℃ warm water cleaning, wipe clean after use.

Molten spatter: At high temperatures, the surface of Teflon mesh belt may have molten spatter phenomenon, which is easy to cause pollution and damage to the item. When in use should pay attention to safety protection, avoid contact and breathing into.

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