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0.7mm coffee color Teflon Flat belt

0.7mm coffee color Teflon Flat belt

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Teflon mesh tape is a kind of corrosion resistance, high temperature, non-stick and other special properties of the material, so it has been widely used in heat seal packaging. In heat seal packaging, Teflon mesh belt can be used as a substrate for coating and coating, but also can be used for packaging machine conveyor belt, low friction guide strip, etc. This paper will introduce the application scenarios of Teflon mesh belt in heat seal packaging in detail.

Manufacture of heat sealing plate

In hot sealing packaging, it is usually necessary to make hot sealing plate, and Teflon mesh tape is a good choice of materials. The use of Teflon mesh belt as the material of heat sealing plate can not only ensure the sealing of packaging, but also improve the efficiency of packaging. The nonstick nature of the Teflon mesh prevents the material on the hot seal plate from sticking, while also reducing the amount of work needed to clean the hot seal plate.

The production of various packaging bags

Teflon mesh tape is also used in heat seal packaging for a variety of packaging bags. In the production of packaging bags, Teflon mesh tape is usually stacked with other materials to achieve different packaging requirements. For example, when making high temperature packaging bags, Teflon mesh straps can be combined with materials such as glass fibers to ensure that the bags will not deform during heat sealing, while also being able to withstand high temperature environments such as steam.

Conveyor belt of heat seal packing machine

The conveyor belt is an important part of the heat seal packing machine. The use of Teflon mesh belt as the conveyor belt material can effectively reduce the friction and heat transfer during heat sealing. Teflon mesh belt has good heat resistance and non-viscosity, can avoid the conveyor belt in high temperature and large pressure deformation and wear problems. In addition, Teflon mesh tape also has excellent corrosion resistance and is ideal for packaging environments with harsh chemical properties.

Making of guide bar

In heat seal packers, guide strips are usually made of Teflon mesh tape or other non-stick material. The function of guide bar is to guide the packaging material to the correct position, so that the process of heat sealing packaging is more accurate, fast and efficient. In the production of guide strips, the non-stick properties of Teflon mesh strips can reduce the occurrence of packaging material attachment problems; Its excellent heat and chemical resistance can improve the service life of the guide bar, reduce the frequency of replacement, reduce production costs.

In short, Teflon mesh belt is used in a wide range of heat seal packaging scenarios. Its unique high temperature, corrosion resistance, non-stick and other characteristics, so that it can be used in hot sealing plate, packaging bag, conveyor belt, guide strip and other aspects of good application effect. With the continuous improvement of heat sealing packaging technology, the application prospect of Teflon mesh belt will be more and more broad.

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