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0.5mm coffee color Teflon Flat belt

0.5mm coffee color Teflon Flat belt

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Teflon mesh belt is widely used in the petrochemical industry, mainly used in oil and gas pipeline, reactor, reactor and other equipment sealing, anti-corrosion, anti-bonding and other aspects. In these equipment, often the working environment is very harsh, need to have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti adhesion properties. And Teflon mesh belt is excellent in these aspects, so it is widely used in these devices. Teflon mesh belt can also be used for petrochemical storage tanks, gas station level sensor protection and insulation.

In the packaging industry, Teflon mesh belt also has a certain application. Because Teflon mesh belt has good anti-adhesive and high temperature resistance, so in the production of anti-adhesive tape, heat sealing tape and other aspects of excellent performance. In food packaging, Teflon mesh belt is often used as one of the packaging materials. It can be used to package food at high temperatures to prevent it from sticking to the packaging material.

Teflon mesh is widely used in food processing. Because it has many good properties conducive to food processing: non-toxic and tasteless, will not react with food, high temperature resistance, anti stickiness. Teflon mesh belt can be widely used in ovens, baking pans, cake molds and other kinds of food making utensils and equipment, to ensure food quality and production efficiency.

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