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8mm dark green PVC sawtooth pattern conveyor belt

8mm dark green PVC sawtooth pattern conveyor belt

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The structure of conveyor belt is mainly composed of the following parts:

Substrate: Usually made of nylon or cotton, used to support and strengthen conveyor belts.

Cladding: Used to protect the substrate, different types of cladding materials can have different strengths and hardness. The cladding is usually made of materials such as rubber, polyurethane or PVC plastic.

Connecting parts: Because the conveyor belt may be laid in a long length, it is necessary to add connecting parts between adjacent conveyor belts to ensure the smooth flow of the conveyor belt. The connecting parts are usually made of metal clamps, Angle irons and sutures.

Guide rollers and idlers: used to support the conveyor belt and ensure that the conveyor belt maintains the correct position during operation.