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2.7mm black PVC fishing mesh conveyor belt

2.7mm black PVC fishing mesh conveyor belt

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Conveyor belt selection before the need to consider the factors

Before choosing the right conveyor belt for you, you need to consider a number of factors. For example, the type of material required, throughput, loading mode, ambient humidity, operating temperature, and so on. Each of these factors is described below.

Material type: The type of conveyor belt is different according to the material type. For example, conveying wood, wheat straw and other loose materials can choose gauze conveyor belt; Conveying metal, steel and other materials can choose steel belt; Conveying mud, chemicals and other corrosive materials can choose PVC conveyor belt and so on.

Throughput: The width and length of the conveyor belt should be selected according to the throughput. If the throughput is large, it is necessary to choose a wider, longer conveyor belt; If the throughput is small, narrow and short conveyor belts can be selected.

Loading mode: Loading mode includes manual loading and automatic loading. Manual loading is generally more suitable for light conveyor belts, while automatic loading is suitable for large conveyor belts and automatic production lines.

Environmental humidity: Conveyor belt is prone to rust and aging in a humid environment, so it is necessary to select appropriate materials according to humidity. For example, nylon conveyor belts are more durable than cotton conveyor belts in wet conditions.

Working temperature: the melting point and heat withstand of different materials are different. The suitable conveyor belt should be selected according to the temperature of the material to be transported and the working temperature of the conveyor belt. For example, the conveyor belt with high temperature resistance needs to be selected at high temperature, while the conveyor belt with cold resistance needs to be selected at low temperature.