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1.2mm coffee color PU convex drill conveyor belt

1.2mm coffee color PU convex drill conveyor belt

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Conveyor belt is a common mechanical conveying equipment, which is widely used in logistics transportation, manufacturing and other fields. It can transport goods in a specific direction in an orderly way, which facilitates the high efficiency of production and transportation. However, the process of using and maintaining conveyor belts is also relatively complex. The following will introduce the use of conveyor belt and maintenance skills in detail.

Method of using conveyor belt

1. Choose the right conveyor belt First of all, according to the characteristics of goods and transportation needs, choose the right conveyor belt. There are many kinds of conveyor belt, such as: belt tooth conveyor belt, wavy conveyor belt, wear and heat resistant conveyor belt. Different kinds of conveyor belts are suitable for different occasions, for the selection of uncertain can consult professional guidance.

2. Installing the conveyor belt When installing the conveyor belt, ensure that the entire conveyor belt is installed in the correct direction and the bearing capacity is consistent with the actual weight of the goods. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection mode and position of conveyor belt and transmission device, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents caused by diagonal running or loosening of conveyor belt.

3. Troubleshooting After the conveyor belt runs for a long time, there may be some faults, such as: belt fracture, too loose, too tight, skid and so on. At this time, the need for timely inspection and maintenance of the conveyor belt. If the fault cannot be repaired, replace the parts in time to avoid unnecessary safety accidents.