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What is high temperature resistant conveyor belt?

2023-02-21 14:22:18

High temperature resistant conveyor belt is generally used in the transportation of raw materials in the company. It is generally used to cover raw materials with rubber and make core with fiber textiles (the core is generally made of polyester, nylon, polyester cloth, white sails cloth, cotton and other layers or the overall fabric composition). Under early circumstances, the fiber fabric of the high temperature resistant conveyor belt is cotton fiber. The advantage of cotton fiber is that it is very easy to bond with rubber, and the tensile strength is slightly increased when it is wet. The high temperature resistant conveyor belt is heat resistant conveyor belt, which is made of double rubber cotton white sail cloth (polyester cotton) or polyester white sail cloth covered with heat resistant or high temperature resistant rubber and vulcanized rubber. Suitable for conveying 175℃ below hot coke, concrete, slag and hot casting parts! Defects are poor corrosion resistance, very easy to grow mildew, low tensile strength and compressive strength of 56 n up and down the tensile force can be pulled off, therefore, the application of cotton fiber conveyor belt is decreasing, replacing it with polyester, nylon and other raw materials.

The original nylon fiber as a conveyor belt with core has just begun to invest in the application of funds. Nylon fiber compressive strength reached 700N/(mm. Layer), the advantages are moisture resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance; Defects are malleable and have long tensile strength. Polyester fiber is a kind of raw material with similar properties to nylon fiber, but the ductility is smaller than nylon fiber, when applied, the ductility extension is only half of nylon fiber, so it is more and more warmly welcomed by everyone. Heat-resistant conveyor belt covering rubber Z Common types of rubber are SBR, IIR and EPR. At present, SBR is Z common, but it is only suitable for the following applications at 12O℃; IIR heat resistance to improve SBR good, but the use of poor performance, the price is too high, China is very little application; EPR temperature resistance performance and price are relatively moderate, suitable for the production of heat resistant conveyor belt.


The main use of high temperature resistant conveyor belt

The key is to transport high temperature raw materials such as pellets, coke and light burned dolomite in metallurgical industry, engineering construction and other fields. The temperature of raw materials should not exceed 800℃, and the temperature of nylon conveyor belt should not exceed 220℃. Features: The selection of ethylene propylene terene rubber as soil layer, frame raw materials selected Chinese special type heat-resistant white fabric, unique secret recipe design scheme, to solve the key problems of high contrast of ethylene propylene rubber, poor bonding ability, low adhesion strength of the solid layer. With light belt body, long life (about 2-4 times), good temperature resistance characteristics. High temperature resistant conveyor belt is key used in metallurgical industry, chemical plants, concrete, coking plants, steel and other fields of daily transportation tasks. It is suitable for the natural environment with short conveying distance and small conveying capacity.