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Will the conveyor belt affect the use effect and life after absorbing water?

2023-02-21 14:22:32

Conveyor belt in use will inevitably contact with water, so the conveyor belt in contact with a lot of water will impression its use effect and performance? The following conveyor belt manufacturers take you to understand in detail.

In underground mining industry, low creep elongation of conveyor belt framework material is very important. Due to the limitation of underground space, there is no large tensioning device. For the power belt running at high speed, the temperature of the belt body is easy to rise. Therefore, how to maintain sufficient tensioning force under high temperature is particularly important.


The conveyor belt is usually used outdoors, so the moisture in the outdoor environment also has a serious effect on the creep elongation of the skeleton material: the standard recovery rate of cotton is 4.5%, of cotton yarn is 8%, and of polyester is only 0.3%. After the skeleton material absorbs water, the water becomes a plasticizer, which allows the material to become easily extended and the modulus to be reduced. The elongation at break becomes larger. Obviously, less absorbent materials are more stable. Water absorption will also cause the adhesive interface between rubber and skeleton material, as well as the adhesive interface strength between the RFL resin layer impregnated by the skeleton material and the fiber decreases, resulting in the peeling strength between layers decreases, affecting the service life of the conveyor belt.

The above is the impact of the conveyor belt in water absorption, I hope to help you, more information about the conveyor belt, please pay attention to our website to understand. If you want to purchase conveyor belt products, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with quality products and services.