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Cause of conveyor belt deviation

2023-02-21 14:23:27

During the operation of a belt conveyor, the center line of the conveyor belt deviates from the center line of the conveyor to one side, which is called conveyor belt deviation. Conveyor belt manufacturers tell you that running off is one of the common fault phenomena of belt conveyor. Long-term running off not only makes the belt edge seriously wear.

When charging the belt conveyor, the material on the conveyor belt cross section is not in the right center, and it bends to one side, which causes the uneven force on both sides of the conveyor belt and causes the conveyor belt to run off. Uneven distribution of ore material is mainly caused by incorrect direction and position of ore material falling. If ore material deviates to the left, the conveyor belt will deviate to the right. And vice versa.

Uneven stress on both sides of the core layer of the conveyor belt itself, especially the steel rope core conveyor belt, uneven stress on both sides of the steel wire rope, will certainly lead to the conveyor belt deviation.

When conveying viscous and difficult to clean materials, the roller and the lower branch roller adhere to the material and cause the conveyor belt deviation.


When the conveyor belt is in normal operation, the belt speed shall not be less than 95% of the roller speed. If the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt is not enough, the conveyor belt is easy to show the phenomenon of slipping. There are many reasons why the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt is not enough. The common ones are: the tension is not enough, the load starts to work, and the friction coefficient of the surface of the roller is not enough.

The tension device is stressed unevenly, so that the tension roller skew (especially for the screw tension), causing tension on both sides of the transmission and deviation.

Film, glue should be kept in gloomy, dry place, prevent direct sunlight mapping, prevent all kinds of radiation, and away from the source of fire.

Film, glue should be prevented from being retained in the dust of the larger place, to prevent a variety of chemical things and contact with it.