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What are the materials of turning conveyor equipment

2023-02-21 14:23:34

Since the founding of New China, industry has been highly valued by the state. With the increasing cost of labor in recent years, the rise of light conveyor equipment industry, and according to the different industrial types and industries, conveyor equipment industry transport products, also gradually increased, which can be roughly divided into belt conveyor, screw conveyor, roller conveyor, roof chain conveyor. Bucket conveyor, net chain conveyor, turning conveyor and so on, have been further developed into the next conveyor, such as 90 degree turning conveyor, 45 degree turning conveyor, packing roller conveyor, ball conveyor, combination roller conveyor, warehouse logistics roller conveyor, O type roller conveyor.

Conveying equipment is unified known as conveyor equipment, they all have common characteristics, driving components, material carrier construction, frame, roller construction, and so on.

Conclusion: Conveyor equipment will be more intelligent in the near future.

What are the characteristics of turning conveyor equipment?

Turning conveyor can be used to connect all kinds of conveying equipment, the composition of automatic conveying system without turning conveyor, practical ability is strong, with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and tilt characteristics.

What is the material of turning conveyor equipment?


The frame of the turning line has carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, plastic steel, and other materials. The bearing surface has a roller and a belt. Transmission mode, single chain wheel, double sprocket, O belt, plane friction belt, synchronous belt, etc., spool drive.

The application range of turning conveyor equipment is:

Turning line is widely used in electronics, beverage, food, packaging, machinery, electronics, light industry, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastic, automobile, logistics and other industries.

Conclusion: Turning line is an essential connection and conveying equipment in the industrial automation conveying system. Our automation equipment has been committed to the manufacturing and research and development of conveyor equipment for more than ten years.

The manufacturing and research and development of conveyor, conveyor update is relatively fast, from the beginning of short-distance transportation to the current development of logistics conveying system is relatively clear progress is very fast, our research and development of automatic conveyor equipment for the manufacturing and research and development of a conveyor is not lax.

A large number of drawings a large number of design schemes make our manufacturing technology in the conveyor has been ahead of peers, never been surpassed, only to be imitated. We have strict control over each process from material selection to manufacturing of conveyor belt equipment, which is why we have been acting as the leader in the transportation industry.