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After the conveyor belt is broken, it can be connected multiple times with belt splints

2023-02-21 14:23:46

How to solve the conveyor belt fracture

1. Belt bolts can be used for multiple connections after the conveyor belt is broken. The belt bolts are fastened to connect the belt together. Belt bolts are cheap and easy to manufacture.

2. After the conveyor belt is broken, it can be connected with belt splint for many times. High temperature resistant conveyor belt, belt splint adopts a larger area of connection.

3. After the conveyor belt breaks, it can also be widely connected with the transport belt buckle. PVC conveyor belt accessories, transport belt buckle is divided into manual type and motor type. The manual type connects the broken belt together with special tools to make better use of the conveyor function of the belt. Machine type is connected by special machine to imitate sewing function, not easy to break.


General conveyor belt detailed specifications and models

Excellent flexibility and long service life, suitable for conveying materials in medium and long distance, high load and high speed conditions. According to the different properties of the covering adhesive, it is divided into ordinary type, refractory type, cold type, acid and alkali resistance type, oil resistance type, etc.

Flame-retardant conveyor belt, also known as the whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt, is made by the whole core impregnated by PVC impregnated paste plasticized or vulcanized. It has the characteristics of high strength, large volume and balanced transportation. At the same time, the product has good flame-retardant, anti-static, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

With the development of conveyor belt industry, there are more and more types of conveyor belts. Now the types of conveyor belts used on the market are: rubber conveyor belt, wire rope conveyor belt, flame retardant conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, herringbone conveyor belt and so on.

According to the mechanism analysis of adhesion formation of flame retardant conveyor belt, factors affecting adhesion can not be separated from plasticizing temperature, paste amount of belt core, plasticizing speed, cotton content of belt core, quality of veil, rubber to plastic ratio of covering glue, etc. The flame retardant conveyor belt used for mining is called whole core flame retardant conveyor belt, which is mainly suitable for underground transportation of coal mine. It can also be used for material transportation in metallurgical and chemical industries.

Flame retardant conveyor belt has the characteristics of wear-resisting, anti-static, waterproof, flame retardant, high strength, excellent price of rubber conveyor belt and lower cost and lower price compared with other flame retardant conveyor belts.