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What are the reasons for the conveyor belt vulcanization joint tearing and covering the rubber surface damage?

2023-02-21 15:18:51

What are the damage causes of conveyor belt vulcanization joint tearing and covering rubber surface of conveyor belt manufacturers?

Reasons for tearing of conveyor belt vulcanization joint:

1. The diameter of the reversing drum is small, and the bending stress of the conveyor belt is large.

2. The quality of conveyor belt vulcanized joints is poor, especially those that have been vulcanized more than twice, and the strength of the joints decreases significantly, or the canvas layer is cut or polished when bonded, and the strength decreases here.

3. About the reversible conveyor, because the upper and lower lap can only be in one direction, it is simply scratched by the sharp corners of the equipment such as the cleaner and the unloader on the belt.

4. The operation cycle of the conveyor is short, the starting is frequent, and the instantaneous tension is large.


Conveyor belt cover rubber surface damage cause:

1. The gap between the liner plate of the guide groove and the belt is inappropriate, resulting in abnormal wear, or foreign matter is embedded in the gap, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches.

2. The material flow rate at the guide groove is inconsistent with that of the conveyor belt, and the drop is large, which accelerates the wear of the rubber surface.

3. Rollers are damaged, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches of the belt.

4. Illegal operation, welding slag scalding during maintenance, as well as cleaner scratches, etc.

5. Abnormal wear of the tape will also occur when the tape slips.