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2mm white polyester dry mesh

2mm white polyester dry mesh

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Polyester mesh belt installation can be used in two ways: one is fully open mesh belt installation, the other is mesh belt splicing installation. Among them, the fully open installation is suitable for the conveyor belt of the conveyor equipment without splicing belt port, and splicing installation is suitable for the conveyor equipment with splicing belt port installation.

(1) the net belt is fully open installation

Fully open installation should first of all be polyester mesh tape spread on the equipment, pay attention to the direction and length of the mesh belt is correct. Connect the two ends of the net belt together through the sealing tooth shape, and pay attention to the lock firmly. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the length of the polyester mesh belt and the equipment conveyor belt is the same to prevent the problem of strapping or twisting. At the same time, to ensure that the tension is appropriate, to avoid the mesh belt tension is too large or too small resulting in increased deformation or wear.

(2) mesh belt splicing installation

Splicing installation first of all to the polyester mesh belt Mosaic splicing belt mouth to join splicing, connect the two straps, to ensure that the whole belt without gaps, so as to ensure that the belt tension and sufficient strength to support the transmission force required in operation. During installation, special clamps and welding tools should be used to press and weld the splicing parts to ensure that the splicing line is straight and without distortion, so as to ensure good transmission effect

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