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1.8mm white polyester flat mesh

1.8mm white polyester flat mesh

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Polyester mesh belt maintenance methods.

Clean and maintain the use of polyester mesh belt for a period of time, there will be dust, debris and other accumulated in the above, then need to clean in time. When cleaning, you can choose water or detergent to wipe or soak the surface. Note, when cleaning to avoid strong acid, strong alkali, solvent and other corrosive detergent, so as not to cause damage to polyester mesh belt.

Use caution when using polyester mesh belt, you need to pay attention to avoid collision or friction with hard or sharp objects, avoid cutting or scratching. When the surface of the polyester mesh belt cracks, fractures, etc., need to be replaced in time to avoid affecting the effect of use.

Avoid high temperature polyester mesh belt at high temperature is easy to deformation, surface brittle crack. Therefore, in the storage of polyester mesh belt, need to avoid direct sunlight and other high temperature environment, so as not to affect the effect of use.

Avoid moisture polyester mesh belt in a humid environment easy to rust, causing damage. Therefore, when storing should avoid storing in a wet place, so as not to affect the effect of use.

Correct installation in the installation of polyester mesh belt, the need to pay attention to the correct methods and steps. When installing, pay attention to the direction and position of the net belt to avoid installation errors. When adjusting the net belt, we should pay attention to the strength and speed of the adjustment, avoid excessive adjustment or rapid adjustment, so as not to damage the polyester net belt.

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