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1.6mm Polyester dry mesh blue

1.6mm Polyester dry mesh blue

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Polyester mesh belt is mainly composed of polyester filament and polyester fiber, in which polyester filament is the main component. In the manufacturing process, polyester fibers are first heat-set and then woven with polyester filament. After weaving and then through high temperature treatment, so that it has better wear resistance, strength and stability.


1. High intensity

Polyester mesh belt has the characteristics of high strength, its mechanical strength can reach a very high level. In normal use, can withstand very high tension and pressure, so that it can be in the high load, heavy load traffic area lasting operation.

2. Wear resistance

Polyester mesh belt has very high wear resistance, even in the case of high load or frequent use, its surface is difficult to wear or wear marks are very small. Therefore, polyester mesh belt is suitable for use in wear environment ideal conveyor belt.

3. Corrosion resistance

Polyester mesh belt also has good corrosion resistance, can well withstand chemical gas, liquid and other weak corrosive medium. It is not easy to be damaged by corrosion, even if it is used in wet and humid environment.

4. Tensile resistance

The woven structure of polyester mesh belt makes it have good tensile resistance, even in the case of transporting heavy and hard materials can remain unchanged. Its tensile resistance enables stable operation under high loads or transient impact loads.

Step 5 Go green

Polyester mesh belt is used in the manufacturing process of polyester material, compared with other raw materials, polyester has a lower degree of environmental pollution. Polyester mesh belt itself does not contain any harmful substances, after the end of life can also be recycled. Therefore, polyester mesh belt is environmentally friendly transportation equipment.

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