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Food conveyor belt maintenance and maintenance, you can not not know the thing!

2023-02-21 15:19:44

Food conveyor belts are a vital component in making food, beverages, and other related products. They can come in bars or models and are often used in conjunction with other machines and tools. To ensure that the food conveyor can maintain the best performance and ensure food safety, you need to follow the following important operating principles to maintain and maintain the food conveyor.

1. Clean food conveyor belt regularly

Keeping food conveyor belts clean is essential to ensuring food safety. Conveyor belts must be cleaned at the end of each production cycle or batch. Cleaning is done using non-toxic detergents and water, especially if the food conveyor is carrying persimmon loaded with heavy metals.

2. Check the conveyor belt on time

Frequent inspection can ensure the smooth operation of food conveyor belt and reduce unnecessary wastage. During inspection, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the bearing rod and guide roller to see whether there is damage, drop or missing. It is also necessary to check the tension of the conveyor belt and which parts need waterproof treatment.


3. Replace the component

If any component on the food conveyor belt (such as controller, frame, motor, power cord, transmission belt, etc.) is diagnosed as faulty, it must be replaced promptly. When replacing the parts, ensure that the replacement parts are the same as the car configuration and meet the general requirements for food safety.

4. Repair and replace conveyor belt joints

Regular replacement of conveyor belt joints is a necessary means to maintain the good operation of food conveyor belt. If the conveyor belt is broken or worn, the joint needs to be repaired or replaced in time to avoid the conveyor belt disorder or "cracking" problem.

5. Comply with safety requirements

Ensure that safety measures are in place when maintaining and maintaining food conveyor belts. Comply with standard application and procedural procedures to ensure that all locking devices are maintained. This ensures the safety of the operator and the people around it.

In short, the food conveyor belt is very important to our life, so, from daily maintenance to frequent inspection, we need to pay attention to and maintain the food conveyor belt. Only in this way can its good operation and food safety be guaranteed. If you find any problems with the food conveyor belt, take immediate action.